Live Video Chat Products for Television Production

CC Media Live is the first company to leverage television content with live online video chat and deliver real revenue optimization. We take reality shows, game shows and scripted content across all new media platforms using our proven "pay for participation" formula. Our system wraps the power of audience participation with access to show talent. CC Media Live gives production & distribution companies access to previously untapped revenue.

With CC Media Live's LIVE VIDEO CHAT products, production companies can now comfortably improve their revenue options. With CC Media Live's experience in managing LIVE VIDEO CHAT products, television production companies can look beyond traditional advertising to a full suite of interactive techniques for capturing revenue using the Internet and Mobile devices. These are the new revenue drivers of today.

CC Media Live Delivers Revenue

  • Old Revenu Capture
  • CC Media Live's New Media Revenue Capture

CC Media Live's core competencies include delivering technologies that integrate web based LIVE VIDEO CHAT into the revenue capture. CC Media Live has the capability to capture substantial revenue with its web based "live chat" platform. Since 1999, we have developed and enhanced the technology that provides the user and technical scale for delivering multiple "one-to-many" simultaneous feeds, while managing bandwidth costs.

Reality TV Programming - New Media Revenue

CC Media Live works with Production Companies in helping them realize optimal revenue returns. It is our goal to bridge the gap between celebrities and television viewers. Technically, CC Media Live "connects the dots" between new media and revenue development.

With the growing popularity of reality-based programming and viewers access to internet and mobile devices, CC Media Live leverages both for a seamless relationship. Our Pay Per Performance technologies with improve the profitability of any well managed television programming.

  • - Connects the Viewer to the Celebrity
  • - Improves Studio Revenue Capture
  • - Gives the Viewer a Richer Experience
  • - Expands Product Placement Opportunities
  • - Multiple Revenue Development Options

TV BUS - Capturing New Revenue

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